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Wooden Connected Letters for Paddles

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Product Details

Unfinished Unassembled Double Stack Wooden English Alphabet Letter / letters / Words / Word for Greek Fraternity Sorority Paddles or Arts and crafts
1/8" thick layer each layer, Together 1/4 thick

Customize and personalize your wooden word / letters for your Greek paddle or arts and crafts.
Requires wood glue for assembly (hence double stack, also makes this easier for you to paint, then assemble)
Material is wood, MDF

Bottom Border are about .2 in height total added
product will require adhesive for assembly, best painted before assembly

If you're unsure how wide your letters/word is, please assume a 1 inch tall letter, will be 1 inch wide.
So if your paddle is 5 inches wide, it may possibly fit 5 letters, at 1 inch tall.

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