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*Maximum: All Custom Ideas Options Available (Even Non Greek) / Completed or Unfinished

*Popular Options: Custom Top Design / Middle Cut Out / Add On Attachments / Circle Paddles / Key Chains / Wooden Letters

*Moderate: All Basic Paddle Building Necessities / Traditional Paddles (Marble & Carbon Fiber Available) / Custom Top Paddle Greek Letter Handle Paddle / Letters / Crests / Key Chains / Tikis / Graphic Plates / Coaster / Custom Letters / Greek Boxes

For full customizable options ( the skies the limit!),
direct ordering, and Complete Paint Job Finished orders
Please order here via Facebook


For Quote Requests (Email Friendly), or
Shop for quick check outs on some custom paddles

Request quote or Shop via Website

For General Paddles (some custom), supplies and accessories
Shop via ETSY. Take advantage of cheaper / free shipping!

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