Hello Greeks! I am Dang from Dang Paddles!

Sometimes I coincidentally lurked through Instagram Greek posts and couldn’t help but notice a lot of the paddles I helped the community with! (I was just smiling scrolling through like whoa I remember these!) I wanted to say hello to everyone I helped and to the Greek community, you guys are awesome for letting me help you guys!

Story Time

Long story short, probably still long, I made my first paddle in F2K10 after approaching a Greek Store for a paddle, realizing they had some generic custom paddles on the wall (moon, cross, anchor etc.) and that got me wondering if they can help me make a sword from league of legends! They said for 2ft it’ll be about $200 bucks and they’ll have to see if their carpenter can do it. My jaws dropped was shocked how expensive that was, so I took my own woodwork crafty skills and made one. My paddles went viral in the Asian Greek Community (AGC, and MGC) as I started helping a bunch of my friends and new friends make cheaper and sick paddles in 626, SoCal, NorCal, Texas, NY, WA, and so on. I’ve been helping you guys nationwide here in CA. I’ve always been a lazy dude, enjoying my days off and playing video games all day when I was younger, but because of you guys, you guys turned me into a Beast and a workaholic. You guys gave me the motivation and passion to get up early, get super creative for you guys, work late hours (I don’t mind it, I enjoy it) and i get rewarded when I see those “holy crap! I love it!” Little things like this made me realize how important I can be, in these “forever remembered moments” when you guys give my work, these paddles to your bigs. I’m glad you guys made me a part of these memories, its priceless, and I’m forever grateful that my work is appreciated.

You guys got me working in my bedroom, to parent's backyard, to a garage, and now to my own shop in Baldwin Park CA so I can support my parents.! So yeah, I just wanted to tell you guys my struggles, efforts, passion, and mission. I love making your designs come to life, and hooking you guys up with every chance or idea that comes in mind!

Your Local / Nationwide Black Smith, Creator of all Bad-ass Paddles

(sorry watched too much Bleach back then, excuse my weebness)

Oh also, I started featuring all my old paddles that I’ve never got to edit or post on social media on my Instagram Features, “UNSEEN PADDLES 1-5” in case you guys haven’t seen yours. This way these paddles can be seen online and not forgotten!

Love you guys, and Thank you again ✌️