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Since 2010, we have been providing custom Greek paddles to the Greek community. Our goal has been to offer the best possible services to our customers, including creative design options, personalized attention to detail, and affordable prices. We are not a store that sells generic paddles, but rather a team of craftsmen who work with our customers to bring their unique ideas to life. We value customer satisfaction and appreciate your support in helping us grow our online presence through 5-star reviews. Thank you for choosing us for your custom paddle needs.

For convenience, our Google page is the most universal . This reaches other customers who may not have facebook / etsy, or any other platforms 


Yelp filters usually filters non local reviews since their services are specifically  to be catered to our area only. To bypass their filters, submit a picture a long with your review, it would help your review stay!

If you've bought items through our Facebook, a review to our Facebook would help us out a lot and we'd appreciate your feedback! 

If you've bought items through our Etsy, a review to our Etsy would help us out a lot and we'd appreciate your feedback! 

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