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how 2 order DANG PADDLES

Dang Paddles Catalog Collection
What we make, and where to order


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*Maximum: All Custom Ideas Options Available (Even Non Greek) / Completed or Unfinished

*Popular Options: Custom Top Design / Middle Cut Out / Add On Attachments / Circle Paddles / Key Chains / Wooden Letters

*Moderate: All Basic Paddle Building Necessities / Traditional Paddles (Marble & Carbon Fiber Available) / Custom Top Paddle Greek Letter Handle Paddle / Letters / Crests / Key Chains / Tikis / Graphic Plates / Coaster / Custom Letters / Greek Boxes

Direct Order
Fill form > Get invoiced ~1-3 days

For Maximum Customized Paddles where options are not available in quick check out
Dragon Wraps | Snake Wrap | Mirrors | Fully Completed Orders


Request quote or Shop via Website
Direct order (Email Friendly) 
Fill form > Get invoiced

QUICK CHECK out on custom paddles - See SHOP

Traditional Paddles | Wooden Letters | Crests | Accessories
Fast shipping | Ships within 1-3 days | Free Shipping over $35

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