Connected Wood Letters for Paddles

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Adding letter options to our shop is very difficult with this platform. For more lettering options, please visit our Etsy store, link below

For your information:
This is where you can place your order for wooden letters for your paddles
These letters are made connected to simplify your assembly
Single letters makes placement of these little things difficult, so we'll try our best to connect your words together
Assembling these words/letters will require wood glue. We recommend a light dab of "Gorilla glue - Wood Glue"

Do not order more than multiple words within one personalization otherwise we will connect everything as one piece, There are no spaces. For more specific ordering, please order via ETSY with the link above

Sizes available in HEIGHT:
Small: .60 inch
Medium: 3/4 in
Large: 1 in.

How do I know what Size letters to fit my paddle? Assume the width of the letter to also be the same as the height of the letter and add them up if they fit within your paddle width.

Rule of thumb for us,
If your paddle is 6 inches wide, You can fit about 6 LARGE letters wide.
For medium letters, 6 inches / .75 = 8 MEDIUM LETTERS
For small letters, 6 inches / .60 = 10 SMALL LETTERS
**Just a quick way to guestimate how many letters will FIT YOUR PADDLE**

**Sizes of paddles available with us, are also listed in their info**

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